T'shhim Tia

While the heart beats, hope lingers.


SpeciesSeeker of the Sun Miqo'te
Birthday7th Sun of the 2nd Astral Moon
Height5 fulms 5 ilms (5'5'')

T'shhim does not excel at anything. He is a mediocre hunter (for a Seeker), he does not have particularly keen combat abilities, he is not a skilled crafter. Challenging his nunh would be hopeless; expanding the tribe's territory wouldn't work; trying to found his own tribe would be akin to suicide. He would live out his life as a regular tia of the Condor tribe, watch a half-brother defeat his father and become a nunh, and eventually he would grow old and die.

Until one day Troupe Falsiam showed up. Making its rounds 'round Eorzea, bringing hope to the hopeless, all the while doing a good show and making a pretty penny; the dancing troupe intrigued this frustrated young man. And so, despite what other people and common sense might have said, he joined up.

So now he travels.


With a quick smirk and sharp wit, T'shhim often displays the stereotypical bravado of a young tia. His words are often spoken with the easy and careless confidence of someone who believes they have it all figured out, and most who run into him would have trouble imagining him in a foul mood. One could describe him as shallow, easygoing, cheerful, arrogant, and self-centered, and that's as fair a picture as any.

But the shallowness may be artificial, as it's easy to keep people away from your heart when it looks like you don't have one. It is not clear whether even his colleagues at Troupe Falsiam really know him, and his expertise at deflecting interest into his history and motivations betrays something he's not telling.

The few who have the "privilege" of seeing him in a more honest mood - perhaps borne by a tankard of cheap ale - will meet a frustrated and maybe even sad man, someone who is ambitious but devoid of any true ambitions. He looks, and he searches, and maybe one day he will find it, but he does not know what "it" may be; he just hopes he will find it.

Now he dances through life, knowing that for as long as the heart beats, hope lingers.



Plot Hooks

  • Dancer by Trade T'shhim is a Troupe Falsiam dancer. This means he's always travelling around the realm, and even as the main body of the troupe has returned to its homeland, the local Eorzean chapter is still active and performing all over. Any events that might have dancers or dancing in them could hire the troupe in part or in whole, and include him.

  • Aetheric Moods The Falsiam style of dancing was designed to draw people's sorrows out and help them deal with those. Perhaps T'shhim could be of some assistance with anyone feeling lost, sad, or afraid.

  • Combat, Schmombat The tia has tried learning how to fight before, to very little avail. Still, perhaps he has not tried enough. He knows how to use a bow, and his dancer training means he's nimble of foot and dexterous of hand; there might yet be something he could learn.

  • Pity Parties Sometimes you'll find him in the bottom of a bottle, and he loves making friends when he's down in the dumps. Helps get through the night.

  • Sexuality: Yes. T'shhim has no expectation of siring any children of his own, being a tia and tied to notions of not wanting a weak line to go on. As such, he takes a pretty carefree view of sex, and will respond positively to pretty much anyone who comes onto him.

  • Destination Uknown He joined Troupe Falsiam to find something; himself, his purpose, his destiny, something. That doesn't mean that this "something" does in fact lie with the dancers, and he always has an ear up in the direction of new opportunities to find what he's looking for. Perhaps he'll overhear some such opportunity, perhaps it will find him. Who knows?


Hello! This character is my first FFXIV RP character, and I've only just started to explore the possibilities. I've been RPing on and off for well over fifteen years, now, and I started playing XIV shortly before the release of Shadowbringers and it's quickly become my new home.

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